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Gunne is label head of Berlin's 'Lebensfreude Records' -
probably the only relevant Minimal-Tech-House-platform
run by an ex-Punk. Besides his qualities as a label chief
(having signed the likes of Jake the Rapper, Ruede
Hagelstein, or SweetnCandy to his shop) he is a witty
and highly acknowledged producer whose work was
evaluated by Germany's most influential 'Groove' mag as 'strikingly rich in variety and boldly independent'. His 2nd longplayer 'I wanna dance with nobody' has furthermore brought him fame and praise by the likes of Mathias Kaden or Mathias Schaffhäuser. He regularly DJs in Madrid, Paris, or Barcelona, rocked Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and Argentine clubs (among others: Coco Liche), and plays in Berlin's finest like Watergate or Tresor.