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He started dealing with music in 1989. First he was only attracted to instrumental music, played the drums in amateur bands, while training in a jazz school as well. Electronic music burst into his life in the nineties, prompting him to DJ in ?96, playing at smaller clubs in the first couple years. In the meantime he joined Deadcode Productions, the promoters of Hyperspace, the most famous techno party series of Central Europe. Igor Do'Urden came out with his own mix cd on the turn of the millennium, followed by another one the next year. He released his first vinyl 'Genuine' at Strip Rec. in 2002, with the support of his producer friend Jay Cortez. In 2003 he formed his own label named 'Mutation'. 'Rock Zero', the first release on the label came about the very same year. The record made it to the top charts of such famous producers as Oliver Ho and Inigo Kennedy, among others. In 2004 he took up a second moniker, 'Reecoba', allowing himself to stretch between different styles under this name. This step eventually caused the 'minimal feeling' to take over him, so from that on he could present the diversity of his musical taste also as Igor. He has produced a great deal of music, most of it released on compilations. His musical sound is mainly minimal, though the harder too.