Douglas Greed

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What does one do who has for years apportioned the allowances from mommy and grandma into hip hop and drum and bass records thereby resulting in the development of an affinity for said styles? Right, telling his record dealer nothing, and saving every penny he purchases electronic toys by which he can create his own styles like the aforementioned 45's.

In light of the goods, next up is compulsion driven vinyl from the pipeline which now adorns the canvasses of spin artists. Douglas lying on his back, hands clasped behind his head: ?I want to put on a pair of those fly techno breeches and peep how the girls sultry smile and the dazed fellas-with electronic tango in the club! By golly that's it! I'll make simply what ?I make when I'm at home in living color for the people! From this idea a passionate seriousness is manifest. A live concept come which bring the tears to a torrent out of the pores. And now two fists for the club: Greed and his toys...and you.

This is music for the masses at those cozy, thick houses and at the same time for 'mammoth' scale productions which move the heavenly bodies. The dim sadness is loosened with brilliant color demonstrating that melancholy is not only dance-able but also is a source of pure fun !