Tolga Baklacioglu

releases -> feeling now and then / psychedelic vanity / lovin' EP / fractal oscillations

Tolga Baklacioglu is a DJ/Producer from Turkey. Having always shown an interest towards music from a very young age, Tolga decided to start making his own by the age of 17, where he bought his first guitar and also started taking music harmony lessons. From there, he discovered the more sophisticated Jazz and Blues realm of music. This led him to start learning and playing the trumpet, where he became a part of the Harlot Money blues band during his college years.
Always continuously searching for innovation, Tolga then discovered electronic music and started to collect records and began DJing soon after at the clubs in Ankara, Turkey. After winning a series of DJ contests, Tolga was awarded the residency spot at the legendary The Club 20 in Ankara one year later. In more recent times, Tolga has grown his presence in the international scene and has already played across the world in Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. He was also invited to play at the prestigious 10th Era New Horizons International Film Festival in Poland in 2010.
As a Producer and DJ, Tolga expresses his devotion to the minimal scene and the architecture of creative and sophisticated minimalism that comprise it, which can be clearly found when you listen to any of his productions of DJ sets.
His music has already been signed to labels such as Lebensfreude Records (Germany), Archipel Musique (Canada), Resopal Schallware (Germany), Android Muziq (Australia), Living Records (United Kingdom), Kalimari Musique (Canada), Psycle Records (Switzerland), but there is much more to come.
His 12" release Lovin? was charted by Thomas Schumacher and Technasia and was also played by the likes of Loco Dice, Chloe, Margaret Dygas, Brothers Vibe, Hugo, tINI, Jens Bond, Someone Else, and more. His Blues EP 12" has also been praised by the infamous De:Bug Magazine in Germany.
He defines his interest in music as 'passion'.