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Tobias Dziapko and Christian Tuscherer are Morgenklang....

They are techno and house dj's and producers from Dortmund.
Besides, every second Thursday Morgenklang presents the house music radio show 'open sesame' on Eldradio.

Tobias Dziapko and Christian Tuchscherer are Morgenklang.
In 2002 the two guys met in Dortmund and decided to start their music career.
In that time they were influenced by techno and house.
Therefore the first production were veered towards 'dancefloor'.

Up today, Morgenklang released their tracks at labels like FTW Recordings, Lebensfreude Recordings, kaato music, Flug von Welt or Supafeed. Morgenklang is booked for several events and plays cross the country. They performed in legendary clubs as the Versteck in Dortmund or the Fusion in Munster. Even events visited by thousands like Juicy Beats or the Love Parade (2008 - 2010) were their stage.

They love performing vinyl, but they come in with own productions and technical equipment to make the crowd partying.

Furthermore it may be that the guys work pseudonymously.
For that they created the project 'Motorunit'.
In September 2010 they released the track 'black beauty' (liebe *detail), a co-operation with their radio colleague 'Cassique'.

By having an own radio show, Morgenklang complets its career.
Every second Thursday they present the house music show "open sesame" on Eldoradio in Dortmund. 10pm - midnight live on air.

To be continued...