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Since the end of the last millennium the two cousins Hannes Waldschütz and Le Schnigg have been creating their first beats and sounds which could not be pigeonholed into one particular genre. This originality must have been the main reason why Singer Delhia (known for her collaborations with Robag Wruhme/Wighnomy Brothers, Marlow and Douglas Greed) joined the group. Her voice, together with the pianist Albrecht Ziepert added a further dimension and depth to the music, both deriving out of the orbit of Freude-am-Tanzen-Records in Jena.
Together, Pentatones shape voices, tones, sounds and beats into a mosaic of seemingly mixed up pieces. Summing up all the lush details the ensemble creates real ear-opener, featuring organic sounds, various electronics and unique vocals.
Seeing Pentatones live on stage lets you actually experience a moment that has become rare: this band is real! All the delicate cocooned and gloomy soundscapes, shaded with brightness and sprinkled with a dash of pop-melodies are being created live in front of the audience by the four musicians. They open a world of touching perfection, pulling all stops to assure the crowd: someone came here to play live!
In 2007 they produced their first Album called ?Pentatones. It has been remastered by Stachy and rereleased on Jawa Records in 2011. For their new album ?The Devil?s Hand? they worked with no other than Weimar?s finest DJ Marlow as producer. The multi-talent gained attention through various releases at labels such as Moonharbour, Konsequenz, Compost and lately Room With A View. After lots of work a complex album full of subtle twists and turns between diverse musical influences came to life. Just in time for its grand appearance at the SonneMondSterne festival is a pre-CD-EP was self-produced with remixes by Douglas Greed, Schleck^Stecker, Gunne and End of Tape aka Gunjah & Stachy, now on vinyl & downloads vitality into the world seen.