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Zuckermann - Berlin Beat Bohemian
Zuckermann is a Berlin born Bon Vivant. Hence, he never minded the gap between the ?Good Life? and the rough world of underground House and Techno. Sophisticated and real, his music reflects the attraction of these opposites - the risk of stepping into the void between them included.

The unusual tracks that result from this tension combine refinement and carefully developed detail with dirt and gripping invention. They are also made with a quantum of timelessness beyond the latest hype du jour - or, Berlin electronic music Bohemianism.

This approach and the musical and floor qualities of his tracks have brought him some top-class feedbacks and plays by artists as diverse as Jesse Rose, Taras van de Voorde, Chloé, Miss Jools, Todd Bodine, Brothers Vibe, or even Pig & Dan?! He releases on up and coming German imprint Society 3.0 and has recently teamed up with Lebensfreude Records, Berlin. Lebensfreude (zest for life) just seems too appropriate an attitude for releasing elatedly weird music. He frequently tours in South America and Asia - a lot of Lebensfreude included.