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Munich born, now Berlin-based André Koerber has been DJing and Producing electronic music under his André Musique and Koerber monikers for the past 15 years. A man who's style doesn't like to be confined to any one genre, Koerber freely expresses himself through his music by combining the pragmatic elements of house, techno, ambient, dub, downbeat, trip-hop and experimental to create his own manifestation of sound. Whilst his André Musique alias tends to lean towards the more experimental and ambient textures, his productions under Koerber create a unique platform for his more dancefloor-orientated tracks.
The past two years have seen Koerber take a step down from the turntables and DJ booth to now channel his focus towards the stage and his live performance instead. What makes his live show so special is that all the elements are pulled from his own sound library consisting of parts from his unfinished tracks, rather than sample packs or compilations. Add in some live vocals, effects, controllers and some analog equipment and you have a recipe for a true memorable experience.
Having played shows across Berlin, Munich, Bochum and all over Asia, 2012 saw Koerber grab the attention of the Lebensfreude Records label in Berlin, where he released his Rumpeln and Abstraktion EPs and already has a third on its way.
A true artist at heart.