Oliver Chlass

releases -> Magic Bleeps / Shadows

Debut EP "Shadows"


Oliver Chlass, born 1982 in Berlin, didn?t aim for electronic music from the very beginning. Aged 14, he started out as a Hip Hop DJ and only later became interested in other kinds of music at the age of 17.
 In 2007 Mathias Liefeldt and Oliver Chlass formed the DJ-project Liefeldt & Chlass that soon became an established act in Berlin. It particularly took off, when they started their residency at legendary Sunday after hours @ 'Salon zur Wilden Renate'.
From then on they were to be a constant part of the Berlin clubbing scene, playing gigs at Arena Club, Bar25, Ritter Butzke. and many other well-known clubs.
 In 2013 both of them started to create their respective solo projects. It simply felt like the next logicla step for Oliver, and he is now an accomplished solo entertainer who plays a minimal and deep mixture of different styles along the lines of House, Techno and Disco.
His sets follow a charismatic up and down scheme and their carefully crafted moves are surprising in the best imaginable way.
As a Dj he has played at most of Berlin?s typical locations from 'A' like About Blank to 'Z' like ZMF. He is very much known and liked by its club scene.