Rimini Sunset

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Gunnar & Bram met each other, during a disco night around 2010 in Berlin where they both played. They felt a natural harmony right away and stood at each other?s Dj booth during the whole duration of the other?s sets, thrilled about the music selection. A legendary night followed. It was clear they had found their Musical Soulmate.
Over time their connection became stronger and stronger, although they had decided to continue producing and performing separately at first.
Dutch born, African raised, keyboard player, Bram producing French house under the name ?BRM? and Gunnar making both live performances and Dj Sets with the Berlin based DJ Duo ?Schwipp Schwapp?.
In 2015, they finally joined forces, build their ?Flamingo Studio? in Berlin Kreuzberg and started producing and performing under the name ?Rimini Sunset?.
?Rimini Sunset? occupies a rare space in dance music. Italo and Disco influenced, ?Rimini Sunset? are wanderers between worlds, from the beginning of electronic Dance Music to Analog Synth driven Tech
House. Their powerful productions are hypnotic with a vivid sense of melody that sticks long in mind.
On a mad ride through their influences, Gunnar & Bram are an impressive powerful live act, creating mesmerising dance floor experiences on the fly.