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lebensfreude sampler nr.1

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reviews: intro, july 2004

Happy New..(s)!

Tradition of Innovation:
The club Lebensfreude - working for the common good - keeps up with it's tradition: since summer 2000 Lebensfreude ensures that Berlin is provided with amazing, uncommercial, cultural events and therefore now publishes a Lebensfreude sampler.

New is needed:
This new CD is also the starting signal for the new Lebensfreude label. Aside well-known musicians such as Stefan Kuechmeister, Toktok or Jean-Louis Huhta & Niklas on Sax this sampler offers pieces of new musicians who will surely be well-known soon. Them being:
A trio named Pocket Rocket: the singer Jackie Houser Brown from Cologne, Jazz musician Lucasonic from Hamburg and their producer from Berlin, Holger Laudert. While Laudert stands for a groovy mix of techno and housy sounds, Jackie is the one who acutally rocks the crowd with her fury voice and attitude. Perfection of this musical highlight comes with their trumpet player Lucasonic

The name sweet.ncandy conceals a guy from Berlin, Rico Henschel. He seems to be destined for higher goals since he amazed the crowd at the WMF (01. 11. 03) with his live performance and with his marvellous track on a WMF label compilation. Along with his Phonoautomatiq Ep, published by Raum... Musik he'll delight us with a Lebensfreude vinyl.
Citizen is the duo Lars Wickinger (producer) and Michael Skelton (texts). They live in Berlin and Hamburg and find inspiration for their sounds in the stinky charme of the metropolis. Together with the female trio Girlzklub from Hamburg they produced the track get the fuck out. Girlzklub, being Daugther Erben, Mizz Bezz & Sophie Loup, captivate the audience with the minimal Tekhouse sound and style of their Djane Daughter Erben. Mizz Bezz & Sophie Loup cajole the ears of the listeners with a miscellaneous and versatile style of singing. The first joint gig of Girlzklub and Citizen will take place on the 27th of Dec 2003 at the Tanzhalle Hamburg.

New Horizon:
Along with lots of cooperations in cultural groups and clubs Lebensfreude is planning on releasing more vinyls soon of e.g. sweet.ncandy, Jean-Louis Huhta & Niklas on Sax, Citizen feat. Girlzklub, AllanFort, Pocket Rocket, David Hausdorf or Interfuse, also planning on opening up a booking agent and acting as a mediator of minor arts, for example supporting the Sellafly bar.
How this mix of entertainment works out is to be seen and admired at the next Lebensfreude party in Berlin-Mitte. You'll be informed of the actual date of this even via E-Mail and the home page

As a record launch last year, taking place at the basement of the Boetzow Brewery, was so packed with approx 1000 people, Lebensfreude will move floors, to the shores of the river Spree.