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Changes in the house of 'Lebenfreude'.
The long-term CEO Heiko Werner has said his good byes and is now relaxing on a beach in the Canaris Islands courtesy of the German pension fund. The new command is taken jointly by Captain Gunne from Erfurt and Buddy Vincent Vega from Neukölln
Setting sail on a bearing of North-by-North-Cool our heroes will not only be navigating the stagnating shallows of commercial music, but also the deep musical oceans searching for new and extraordinary electronic dance music. So all aboard; the voyage is about to begin!
The first catch has been made; a welcome gift from Gunne you could say. You can find DJ Gunne in the role of producer on the current LF-Release giving an insight into his mind-boggling electronic world taking us on a trip full of discoveries, stumbling blocks and little moments of blissful happiness.
The tracks are wonderfully danceable and the voice of Lysann Zander aka Escalope 'Myriad objects of desire' is elegantly unobtrusive and so very, very sexy.