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reviews: Raveline 8/04 / de:bug 9/04 / technodisco.it / in.it (italien radio)

The fourth EP publication of the Berlin label Lebensfreude rec. is out now: it's four tracks by Pocket Rocket. Pocket Rocket is a project of a rather uncommon style and constellation which is a singer, a trumpet player and a 'beat maker'. Together they are creating a sound full of tension using more or less classical Jazz elements, Soul and Funk combined with electronic dance music. Although originally trained in classic piano Laudert. is devoted to dancable electronic music for some few years now and thus he provides the catchy basic structure of the tracks which is a wonderful variation in beats and rhythms. His first publication 'Aus der Huefte' (in January 2003) was hosted by the Cologne label Boxer-Recordings and was followed by other works, some published by Lebensfreude rec., and more is to be expected!
The rapid and smashing structure produced by Laudert. is complemented by the versatile voice of Jackie House-Brown, a Freestyle vocalist from Cologne, who already sang - as a MC - for artists such as Air Liquide, Aroma, Big Chief Electric, DonQuishot and Reisdorf Force. Her amazing voice ranges from softly whispering to brittle and rough sounds but her constant feature is being demanding and sexy. Jackie House-Brown's first record 'Miss Chica' was published by the Berlin label Aromamusic.
The virtuoso trumpet tunes and samples by Lucasonic help to make the Pocket Rocket sound unique: Lucasonic is a master of the trumpet which is even more evident when you hear him drawing some staccato sounds or some trembly-flickering tunes out of his instrument. He participated in several productions in Germany, France and the US, these being Dirty Dirk (Soulciety), Deutschland Phunk and Soularia. He also performed live together with Reggie Worthy's Soul Explosion, Herb Geller, Chico O'Farril (USA) and Mojo Club DJ Collective. Since 1994 Lucasonic is a part of the quintet 'the Q' and in 1999 his debut record with his o