watching you


reviews: de:bug / techno.de / XLR8R (USA)

Since middle of the nineties Rico Henschel is spinning in numerous clubs and impress with his own experimental style in the choice of his music. Kicking sets are his passion. Not even since his label debut on Lebensfreude Records in the producer scene his name Sweetn.Candy stands for minimalistic cheerful lovely 'Sweet - Sound'. They love it in the clubs and it guarantees damn good parties. But there is the different Rico. Contrasting to his conventionally cheerful sound of Sweetn.Candy like in 'watching you' on this record with Rufus Dunkel he shows us the opposite as the name says dark and rough. Minimalistic kicking beats to deep impelling basslasting sounds. It's a small boundary between minimal house and minimal techno whereas you can't deny the influence between both of them. To put it in a nutshell this record shows a wide spectrum and a Rico Henschel in his full bandwith. From sweet to tough there is something for everybody