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The EP 'Retrack' by the Berlin project AllanFort brings us four brand new tracks plus an extra track: a live recording of their gig at the SonneMondSterne festival 2004.
AllanFort, a.k.a Herbert Druschke and Tino Urbiks, have been producing eletronic, techno-oriented music at their post ost studio for a few years now - with great success. Herbert aka Acid Basztard published several tracks for the label 'Zodiak Commune' and 'Play it loud' from Eindhoven. For the Berlin label Lebensfreude AllanFort published the 12''Split-EP 'Il leone spiritoso' in 2004 and now the next one's coming up: 'Retrack'. Here we're talking about more rousing, 'in-depth' tracks of the project that is held in high reputation for its energetic live performances, the reliable bassdrum as well as the typical, linear bass figures. The sounds and samples are of the most remarkable origin and they trigger an atmosphere of beautiful minimalism. The acid lines move along high pitches where the frequences turn liquid. Occasionally strict bass lines create a system of coordinates and form the orientation in an atmospheric, vibrating world of sounds, which is not easy to put into stilistic categories and thus keeps up a mesmerizing tension.