Mathias Schaffhaeuser
go to hell go further

go further

go to hell

reviews: 5/07 / De Bug 6/07

Where should we start?
He has been a successful House and Techno DJ / Producer since 1994. He is the founder of the label 'Ware'; that has released 71 LPs since 1997. As a producer he has worked with labels such as Definitive Records, Blaou Sounds, Force Inc., multiColor and Frisbee Tracks. Renowned artists such as Trentemoeller, Dapayk and Pan-Pot have made remixes of his tracks. Enough said. He is Mathias Schaffhaeuser. His latest single 'go to hell ? go further' is being released on Lebensfreude. We don?t want to talk about the music ? it speaks for itself. Let it rip!