so easy


so easy

terminal (ruede hagelstein rmx)

REECOBA from Hungary became famous as a maskuline hero in self-rotated adventure movies , before he got a smart Dj during the last years.
As a winning and cheeky seducer he celebrated at the side of big Djs' like Sven Všth, James Holden or Ritchie Hawtin, in Hungary a national success.
Nearly as famous as his sets became his excesses and after parties.
For LEBENSFREUDE he allowed to scratch two of his tracks on vinyl. 'So Easy' moves you quite 'easily' into a parallel world which only excists from sweat, synthies and beat. The track 'terminal' comes along in the comparison rather laxly. Relaxed rhythm patterns create much spatial depth with sporadically sedate sounds. The Remix of Ruede Hagelstein rescues a pumping minimal track.
He pulls the original on a Dancefloor loyal path.