sinusoidal organic undulating lovesongs

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Gunne presents his first album. This is neither an event for what the world has waited, nor an earthquake which will shake the music business in his basic parties.
Here no trend is put and no hype is initiated. Just Music - Gunnes is finally simply a view of electronic music and her varied possibilities.
There must not be served of the Floor at all costs (with an album anyhow always rather in question), there it needs no radio-hit to land absolutely in the great charts - quite clearly: Sinusoidal Organic Undulating Lovesongs is a striking acronym, because 13 tracks have one with certainty 'Soul'. Unconventionally, diverse, sometimes melancholy, then again optimistically. And this is not so bad at all sometimes. Perhaps, even a quiet event. At least, Gunne has presented his first album.

All tracks written and produced by Gunnar Lenke, except 'you suffer' written by Napalm Death
Mixing by Ronald Christoph, Mastering by HD Substance
(p) & Lebensfreuderecords 2008