Douglas Greed


deadline (less remix)


happy bacteria

reviews: Raveline

'Very Good for sure' says Laurent Garnier, 'Happy bacteria' is my fav' says Josh Wink, 'One of the best Lebensfreude Record' says Clement Meyer from Paris - Great international Feedback from Istanbul to Montreal, from San Francisco to Poland.

Mr. Douglas Greed´s Debut on LEBENSFREUDE. Here together with Drum'n'Bass icon KEMO he shakes with 'Deadline' a melodic murderer's track from the sleeve which will provide a lot of soul and intensity for hopping hearts and dancing legs. LESS takes care of the subject more diminished, more chilly and still deeper. With 'Covert' vicinity puts of the Jenaer from FREUDE AM TANZEN and COMBINATION one more shovel on it and defines the concept Energy anew.
EP is finished with a big winking : 'Happy Bacteria'.