Various Artists
Five Years Lebensfreude 0.1

Sweet N Candy - Blow me down

Mariano DC - trim series

Sven Wegner - niagara phubis

Gunne & HD Substance - the madrid session

So give us a pat on the back Five years and still alive, nowadays also not more the rule. Five years LEBENSFREUDE - Not Wiser like five years ago. The Idea always was to leave our mark.
This is the credo. And thus it is also continued in 2009 cheerfully. The first congratulations on the first part of the Compilation series on the 5-year-old existence of the label come from Sweet N Candy, with his first track on LEBENSFREUDE since his legendary 'MULTIPLEX' EP. In addition 'best of Hamburg' - Sven Wegner, also since the beginning day in the LEBENSFREUDE Stable. Besides, label boss Gunne in a cooperation with Spains HD Substance. Modern Techno with Oldschool atmosphere. Also there´s a look into the future : Mariano DC from Buenos Aires allows to prick up the ears like a bassdrum is screwed in Argentine main town .
And this is only the beginning...In 2009 good year.