Various Artists
miti & halp vol.2

mathias schaffhäuser & yamil burguener

ruede hagelstein & mariano dc

gunne & cristobal paz

?We are proud to present a rather special Argentina-Germany compilation.

The objective of the project > Experimenting with two musical civilizations.
The approach > Put together a pool of Argentina and Germany producers, split them in seven Argentina-German pairs, and let each couple create their very own cross-cultural state-of-theart piece of electronic music.
The result > MITI & HALP, a compilation that shows no signs of cultural stereotypes or incompatibilities. Instead, it makes sound electronic music as fresh and surprising as a highaltitude Mendoza Chardonnay on a hot summer day in? Berlin. Plus, surprisingly, no musical clichés. It became rather clear that everybody involved was working on a decidedly ELECTRONIC.

Electronic music vision of things, without references to hypes, local traditions, or the easy and obvious ways out.

out 04.04.2011 - available as vinyl and download