Ezequiel Esley



blue berry

We say welcome and are pleased to present the debut record of the Argentinian Ezequiel Esley allowed to. Esley had already set in its cooperation with Sweet'N'Candy an unmistakable sign, then shows us the young man from Cordoba now arise which can, if you are in the Argentine heat creeps into a garage and unreachable for weeks exploring their own sound universe. And thus certified Mathias Kaden him the 'typical Argentine Madness', but also 'produces super nice ... great !!!!' and Zuckerman speaks of "darkly dreaming Minimal-Techno which comes in a modernly sleek yet deeply pushing sound design" Meanwhile Lebensfreude-label boss Gunne only shakes his thinning hair. Headbanging like old times. But decide yourself .. et voilá ... the curtain on Señor Ezequiel Esley!

Nice Feedbacks from Pascal FEOS, Martin Eyerer, Mathias kaden, Ronald Christoph, Someone Else, Patrick Zigon, Electric Indigo and more