black hawks - w/ florian schirmacher & zuckermann

ginger pop - w/ escalope

painted glove - w/ delhia de france


wir fressen plastik - w/ louie austen

noincidence - w/ cornelius eichhorn

my mind - w/ tim baker

Bugs - it's been a long time since it progressed from secret project to Everybody's-Non-Darling: the unloved system glitch. Bugs would not be invited in for a cosy cup of tea, rather people will mutter under their breath about these delinquents. With Bugs come the real anarchists, besides whom Anonymous hackers look like Wile E. Coyote gazing with weary resignation into the heavens as the ACME anvil plummets towards him.
Gunne is particularly fond of troublemakers; he'll gladly tell you that mischief is his muse and inspiration. After all, every realization requires some initial incomprehension. And so the tracks of Lebensfreude head?s third album are far removed from the often bleak, minimal and energetic sets of the DJ from Berlin. Hardly any DJ-tools can be heard. Electronic? Yes. Fluffy house tracks for the amusement of the Berlin scene-clubs? No.
Gunne does not stand alone. In support of this wanton misconduct is Wareika Singer Florian Schirmacher in collaboration with Zuckermann, as well as the old Viennese charmer Louie Austen. Austen composes striking German lyrics to which nothing can be added. Detroit veteran Tim Baker doesn't waste any time telling us of the increasing madness raging in his head.
Pentatones singer Delhia de France, through her work with Robag Wruhme, Marlow and Douglas Greed, is well-trained in musical misbehaviour continues the theme with a unique interpretation of a Gloria Jones classic.
There is also a chance to hear again the enchanting voice of Escalope, singer with the Berlin based Jazz-Soul-Chanson band Send More Cats, who has featured on earlier productions from Gunne.
What remains are nine tracks that could bring fun to places where life is taken too seriously. Hats off!