there yet?

We always treat family affairs with greatest care. You just don't know where this all ends...most likely in shaking your head in disbelief.
Yet, In the case of siblings Lysann and Gunnar Zander we have thrown all doubts overboard. By no means in at the deep end given that both of them have been making music together their whole lives: acoustic, electronic, in the depths of soul and jazz, or in the wide world of the dance floor.
Stereofysh are interplay and compromise, counter pole and unity; creative duo because they also make music independently.
Their live performance allows the audience to become part of their family affairs. Lysann connects occurrences on- and off-stage without artificial distance, playful in the expression of their music. Gunnar, initially in the background, works the clickety-clacks until?in the course of their show and in mutual connection with his sister - he too comes to the fore and gets in close touch with the audience. This is how listening, watching, and dancing becomes the most fun.
With their debut EP, Stereofysh offer a piece of music that sounds like a mixture of house, dub, jazz, and pop may sound: beautiful and different, familiar and original at the same time. Not for nothing did jazz-pianist-legend Brad Mehldau give his personal consent to Stereofysh sampling his music ('Mehlgrau').
Well, Lebensfreude is looking very forward to Stereofysh. We wannado it. Open up chapter ONE, together.