Tolga Baklacioglu
feeling now and then

feeling now and then (original)

feeling now and then (violett remix feat. sol del rio)

Simply he has never done us. The low-key friendly Turkish producer with the unpronounceable name, has never made music for the hip All-Together-Happiness-Floor. The man comes from jazz and blues. And at Tolga Baklacioglu means electronic music production to test the depths of house music. Sometimes tricky, sometimes playful, sometimes psychedelic, but always deep. His tracks have often a length of eleven or twelve minutes. Music takes time. Prime-time music sounds different. And that's why we like him. And so Tolga published with "Feeling Now and Then" his fourth Lebensfreude - EP. Music that was heard up to Buenos Aires, where the Argentine producer and DJ Violett (Telegraph/Unfoundsound/Igloo) contributed a functionally magical remix. One thing we know. This time it will not be simple again. Luckily.