Albrecht Ziepert
faust - music for theatre

Faust Theme

Witches' Dance

FingersĀ“ Touch (Reprise)

Keep Your Tears

Eternity's Breath

Faust Theme (Reprise)


Precious Juice

Cold Blood

This album is a compilation of the musical score for the well-known play 'Faust I & II' by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It was composed by Albrecht Ziepert and comissioned by director Mark Zurmuehle for a "Faust" production of the 'Deutsche Theater Goettingen' in 2013. It is the result of intense collaboration between Zurmuehle and his cast, Ziepert, and the other musicians he involved. The album also acts as a best-of, which documents the ever changing nature of the production during the making and staging of it while the score was performed live each night. The music is inspired by various contemporary genres -especially electronic music - as well as classical instrumentations.