go to hell go further

residentadvisor.net 5/07

Ware label founder Mathias Schaffhauser has been releasing minimal house records since the mid-nineties, but the genre's present ubiquity hasn't dampened his enthusiasm any. It has however dampened his sound, as this EP sounds positively sodden, as though recorded in a dank greenhouse somewhere in the tropics. These two sides pair contemporary rhythmic templates with the gloom and simplicity of Detroit, finally soaking the lot in industrial strength rubbing alcohol.

'Go to Hell' starts with reverbed demonic gasps and rickety hats which strive for a Trapez-styled pep but are too clogged up to move. The title is uttered by a number of voices, most of them silly, but this doesn't disrupt the forward surge, powered by a kick-bass combo that swells like the tide. 'Go Further' sinks deeper into the mire, firing spent rockets against murky drums while the hum of flutes and woodblocks crawl past. It bangs away like Tresor until symphonic strings sweep in for the breaks, but this remains a chilly piece of work. Neither unfortunately lives up to its promise, sounding haphazard and hackneyed in places, but they're certainly pointing in the right direction.