dog vs. dog II


Ruede Hagelstein Dog vs. Dog II

Here comes part II of Ruede Hagelsteins Dog vs. Dog! But don't expect that he repeats himself again after the release of the first Dog vs. Dog last year. These tracks are completely different. They both are carried by real fat basslines and mesmerizing sounds which need more space that just the space of a club. These sounds are made to be heard in the wide and open space.
"Lingueglietta Wetterleuchten" is a track to set the roof on fire. But it's more! It's not just another dancetrack this track catches the atmosphere of a perfect party at the roof of a house or outdoors in the green. These nights you will think of for many years. But besides the atmosphere this is absolute perfect arranged track with deepness. A quality you miss sometimes in the flood of releases.

"Kill Pill" is a killer. It punches your stomach and forces to shake your hips. This is a must have track for every record bag. The ultimate tool for breaking the ice,

Dog vs. Dog II proves the talent of Ruede Hagelstein again. He's the one who repeats himself with a new release, He's the one who's Djing and producing with an open eye and ear to react on the needs of the audience. Thanks for that great record!